Professional Services for Small, Medium and Family Business

Genesis Direction International is committed to empowering small, medium and family-owned businesses, so that they can reach their goals and achieve
success with our specialist services and products. Our expert business services provide the necessary business mentoring and advice to improve
workplace and management practices, making procedures more efficient. With our support and assistance, your business will flourish, fulfill its potential
and become everything it is destined to be.


Mentoring and Support for Business Owners

Owners Of Small Businesses - are unique,often busy working in their business and not on their business, often gradually loosing control of their business,
and or not knowing where to start taking back the business control. This is where Genesis Direction International can help small business owners.
Engaging in mentoring and support will show small business owners how to working on their business and manage their business efficiently.

Family Businesses - have their owner unique dynamics, often do not have the resources, not the time to Genesis Direction International is here to help
small business owners to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. We are an experienced business dedicated to providing the personalised advice and
mentoring that family-owned businesses need from management and best practice success.

No two businesses are the same - every business owner has distinctive needs and and unique requirements. That is why we are committed to providing
services that are tailored to suit each client’s unique circumstances. We offer recommendations in an easy-to-read report that take into account your industry,
your current business situation and your plans for the future.

Our specialised and personalised services - will ensure you are using business and workplace practices, procedures to your utmost advantage,
and that work in your business’ best interests. In addition, we offer every client the emotional support and understanding they need to minimise the
pressure and stress that comes with being a owner of your business.

Combining over 21 years experience and a fierce passion for helping small businesses grow with success,
Genesis Direction International is making a difference in the small business community.

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